About Me


CONTACT: litera@i.ua (+38) 050 3535234

Larysa Taranenko is a Doctor of Philology, Professor at the Department of Theory, Practice and Translation of English, National Technical University of Ukraine “Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Politechnic”.

In 1996 I graduated from the English Department, Kyiv State Linguistic University (at present – Kyiv National Linguistic University).

In 2003 I defended my thesis for a candidate degree in philology “Prosodic Means in Realization of English Prosaic Fable Cohesion: An Experimental Phonetic Study”, supervised by Prof. Alla Kalyta. In 2016 – the thesis for a Doctoral Degree in Philology “Prosodic Means Actualizing English Small Form Folk Texts (an Experimental Phonetic Study)” under scientific supervision of Prof. Alla Kalyta.


My main research interests comprise English phonetics, phonostylistics, intonology, text linguistics, folklore studies.

The area of my scientific interests has expanded to cover the issue of prosodic organization of small form texts and resulted in publication of more than 100 works, including 2 monographs, 2 dictionaries, 5 manuals, 25 papers published in foreign journals and more than 60 papers published in Ukraine.

The record of my theoretical works includes: classification of functional, structural and semantic features of an English prosaic fable; a model of the mechanism of its actualization in communication; algorithmic models of plot development of English fables with positive and negative ethical ideas; a generalized model of the literary genres’ genesis; a generalized graphical model of the conceptual domain of small form folklore texts of different genres; typical algorithmic models of the plot structure of English folk riddles, proverbs, fairy tales, parables, myths, legends and anecdotes; a synergetic model of the psycho-energetic mechanism of the spoken fairy tale subliminal influence on the recipient; a cognitive-and-creative model of riddle decoding by a recipient.


The Kyiv School of Phonetics


Within the period of my teaching career I was lecturing on Practical and Theoretical English Phonetics (Kyiv National Linguistic University), the course of Business English, Contrastive Grammar of English and Ukrainian, Theoretical Grammar of English as well as the course for master’s students on sociolinguistic variations in present-day English pronunciation (National Technical University of Ukraine “KPI”).

I currently supervise graduate, master’s and PhD students as well as review scientific and methodological works.